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I have a new friend and sister in Christ.  Her name is Meseret and she lives in Ethiopia. We met just two weeks ago when I was there visiting her World Vision area of Wonchi, west of Addis Ababa.

Meseret has both an MBA and BA in Economics from the University of Gondar, Ethiopia. After seven years working for different international and local NGOs like Mercy Corps, Food for the Hungry, and Compassion, Ethiopia she felt led by God to come to World Vision. Meseret just started with World Vision in December and she told me that she is so happy to work there. Her spiritual side will be nurtured, she says, because each day the staff meets for devotions, and this makes her feel connected to God’s leading.

Meseret is Program Supervisor for the Wonchi area, which means she helps determine how this area will best help the people living there.  The area is in the third phase, (years 10-15) of World Vision’s Area Development Plan.  You can see how the people of Wonchi live and many of the ways World Vision has helped them here. Many water projects are coming to completion in the coming year and Meseret hopes to offer some special activities for the teenagers.

It was a huge surprise to meet this energetic young woman.  I had received a contact form from her days before leaving for Africa.  I had no idea who she was, but a message from an Ethiopian when I would soon be visiting that country intrigued me.

When we met, she impressed me right away.  She wants to lead some teenagers in Bible study and requested some of my materials. Oh how I wish I had packed those books just in case someone might want them.

In any case, the internet is a wonderful thing and Bible Studies for Teens will help Meseret in any way we can.  God is so good to connect us in ways we could never imagine for ourselves.