Ruth and Boaz: Woman of Excellence, Man of Honor

A close look at the book of Ruth and Proverbs 31

All about healthy relationships

God’s sovereignty is played out in a love story

Rare photographs from Bethlehem in the 1920’s

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ruth and boaz

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Do your students want to know how to fall in love gracefully? Introduce them to Ruth and Boaz.  Their love story is brimming with boldness but grounded in trust and mutual respect.  Boaz welcomes Ruth, an outsider, into the family, illustrating God’s inclusiveness.  God turns mourning into blessing for both Naomi and Ruth.  Blessings continue in God’s timing with the birth of a son who carries on the line of Judah. 

"My daughter liked your Ruth study so much. She said, 'I felt like I really understood what God wanted us to learn from the story.' I totally agree. She wanted more of your studies, so I got two more. Thanks for keeping these studies so Biblical and interesting!"

Heidi Grable

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