Peter: Rock Star from Galilee

A look at Peter’s life taken from four Gospels, Acts, and Peter’s letters

Music playlists complement study themes

Experience Jesus from Peter’s perspective

Engaging 8-week study

Hands-on challenges for living discipleship

Group discussion questions worth chewing on


Guided Bible Studies | Peter: Rock Star from Galilee

peter circle -- bible studies for teens

Introduce boisterous, impetuous teens to Peter, who lived large like a rock star, daring to try what scared everyone else. He actually walked on water, called Jesus the “Messiah,” and swore he would follow to the death. Of course he backpedalled when things got dangerous. But Jesus wasn’t finished with him and after the resurrection, he reclaimed Peter for the work he knew he could do. Teens will see how hard it is to follow, but how much Jesus loves us anyway.

"Peter's impulsiveness and failures make him an easy character for anyone to relate to. As your students dive into this Bible study I have no doubt they will be challenged by the lessons Sherree has assembled here."

Jayson Samuels, Co-Founder and Family Pastor, Northbridge Community Church

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