Lydia of Philippi: Believer in the Lord

 A close look at Acts 16 and Paul’s letter to the Philippians

Fun 8-week study guide

Ideal for girls in middle school or high school 

Themes of joy, gratitude, generosity, hospitality

Mission, prayer, worship, baptism discussed

“Divine Appointments” and the Holy Spirit

$14.99 – Free leader guide by request

Bible Studies for Women | Lydia of Phillippi

lydia circle -- bible studies for teens

Capable, confident girls have a role model in Lydia. She ran a profitable business in purple-dyed fabrics in the distinguished city of Philippi.  Her life changed when she learned about Jesus and she became a huge supporter of the great missionary Paul.  Her home was always open to the new church in town.  What a difference the gospel made in her life!

"My daughter and her friends loved the Lydia of Philippi Bible study. Lydia not only teaches about the early church, but also about how to shine as a Godly girl today. Sherree's love for God's Word and her ability to relate to young teens in an informative yet fun way gives Lydia of Philippi my 'Parent's Choice Award.'"

Marilee Ruscitti, mother of 4, Sewickley, PA

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