Joshua: Strong and Courageous

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Do you know anyone like Josh? Always helping out and eager to learn? A little frustrated at always being second, never number one. He’s looking toward the future and wondering if he will ever get a chance to lead.  Introduce him to Joshua, who waited a long time before he became one of the greatest leaders in the history of Israel.

Joshua: Strong and Courageous is a study in leadership. Joshua had his leadership training under Moses, one of the greatest leaders of all time. By watching Joshua as he learns the habits and ways of Moses, teens see how they, too can become great leaders of the future.

Joshua led the people into the promised land and served the Lord with integrity, mercy, and justice. What kind of leaders will your teens be?

8-week study of the life of Joshua, beginning in Exodus, continuing through the book of Joshua.

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"My class really likes the Joshua study. We have learned a lot about being courageous about our faith in Christ through following the struggles of the Israelites, Moses, and Joshua."

Judith Kirby, First Baptist Church, Aliquippa, PA

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